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AHEPA Delphi #25 Hosts Family Empire District 6 Convention (Video)

NEW YORK – The Manhattan Chapter of AHEPA, Delphi # 25 hosted the 2017 AHEPA Family Empire District 6 Convention on June 10 at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. A Greek Music & Cigar Manhattan Cruise on June 9 kicked off the convention weekend which ended on a philanthropic note with a Blood Drive in conjunction with the New York Blood Center on June 11 at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity’s Cathedral School Hall.

The convention began with breakfast on Saturday morning and business meetings that flanked the Daughters of Penelope (DOP) and AHEPA District 6 Scholarship Luncheon. Eight scholarships were awarded, one by the DOP and seven by District 6.

District 6 Officers were elected at the 4 PM session, immediately followed by the presentation of District 6 Awards and the Convention’s Closing Ceremonies at 5 PM.

The cruise included a buffet, drinks, and dancing while the boat made its way on the East River towards the Statue of Liberty and back. Many chose to enjoy the premium cigars available on the upper deck while everyone enjoyed the conversation with their fellow Ahepans, music by International Sounds, and traditional Greek food from Taverna Under The Bridge.

The views of the city skyline, the Brooklyn waterfront, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, Lower Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty with the sun setting and the full moon rising were especially impressive. The dancing was somewhat tricky with the listing of the boat in the strong currents around Manhattan, but with determination and the indomitable Hellenic spirit, the dancers managed to stay on their feet and keep the rhythm.

AHEPA Supreme President Andrew Zachariades with Delphi Chapter #25 President Argyris Argitakos as the winning raffle ticket is drawn. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

With a festive atmosphere, the event also helped raise funds for good causes. Proceeds from the cruise went to the World Hellenic Biomedical Association and the Rebuilding Fund for the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and Shrine at the World Trade Center Ground Zero. Among those present were AHEPA Supreme President Andrew Zachariades, Delphi Chapter President Argyris Argitakos, Ted Stamas, Petros Ragoussis, Lou Katsos, Nick Lionas, many Ahepans, and members of the community. Photographer Anastasios Mentis won the raffle.

For the Sunday of All Saints, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at Holy Trinity Cathedral followed by the coffee hour and then the Blood Drive.

AHEPA Delphi Chapter #25 President Argyris Argitakos. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

AHEPA’s Delphi Chapter #25 was founded in 1923 in Manhattan NYC, it was the first Chapter in New York State and one of the first in the Northeast. The Delphi Chapter # 25 was instrumental in welcoming the early Greek immigrants to the USA as they disembarked at Ellis Island, helping them assimilate by assisting them with learning the English language, finding employment and eventually becoming citizens of the United States.

The Delphi Chapter # 25 has had many notable and prominent members in its history, including many philhellenes who embraced AHEPA’s ideals and values. In 1924 Seraphim G. Canoutas joined Delphi Chapter # 25 at a time when he was the most notable historian and the primary source for the 1880 to 1920 wave of Greek immigrants. Some of the many notable members that followed in Delphi’s rich history were Past Chapter Presidents and later Past Supreme Presidents of AHEPA Dean Alfange and Dr. Kimon Doukas.

* The skyline of Lower Manhattan (top photo). Photo by Eleni Sakellis


Manhattan, NYC

Founded 1923

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